Sewing & Painting Travel kits -  by Bloo

As I am leaving for NYC tomorrow for one year, I sewed this Travel ensemble to bring with me my sewing kit and my aquarelle kit. I used a Liberty coton found in Marché Saint Pierre, in Paris, and I quilted the kits to protect my pencils and paintbrushes inside.

Ancient Market, Mollégès, Provence

As I keep enjoying my holidays under the provençal sun, here in Southern France, I visited Mollégès last sunday with its nice old market,  as if we were back then in 1870.

Holidays in Provence, South of France

Picking blackberries, baking lemon cakes, preparing gaspacho, finding the skin of a grasshopper…

The “Oeillet ” silhouette -  Summer 2014, Personal creation

I used a soft and light bluemarine wool to make the high waist pants. And the kimono jasket is made with a satin wool fabric, hand embroidered to create this flower pattern in relief.

Dior, collection 1998

Amazing collection from John Galliano inspired from the French fashion designer master Paul Poiret.

Paul Poiret started his career working for the fashion house Doucet and then for Frederic Worth between 1898-1902. He opened his own house in 1903 and is now considered a precursor of the Art Deco period.

He was also the 1st one with Madeleine Vionnet to suppress the “corset” from feminine silhouette, long before Coco Chanel.